30 augusti

Today’s Name Day is:

Swedes like to celebrate. So with a Name Day Calendar you can celebrate not only your “birth” day but your “name” day as well! Extra coffee and cake for you on your name’s day! Today there are so many new names that a name’s day calendar can’t possibly list all the names. The traditional names listed here reflect old Norse culture as well as earlier influences of Christianity. If you know anyone with a name similar to one listed here, surprise them with a “happy name’s day” greeting or sing them “Happy Birthday” in Swedish (Ja, må du leva)! I knew people with both these names.

Today I am thankful for: Sally, Eric

Thought for today: “The price of greatness is responsibility.”
Winston Churchill
The thought for today is just so appropriate in our present world. If only those who present themselves as idols to others – young & old – would take it to heart.

I took a couple hour nap yesterday & still slept at least 8 hrs. last nite. Certainly not normal for me. Must be the cold. I am feeling some better. Just mostly tired. And coughing.

I returned the van today & got my car. Feels strange to drive the car again. I had lunch with Sally. Really did not feel like doing anything but was glad I got out. It did me good. And we had LOTS to talk about.

Our water district is flushing the lines so we are without water today & tomorrow. Should have water during the nite. I bought water today. I had a large pan full but I wanted water to drink. I am sure when they turn it on tonite it will be yucky — suitable for flushing only.

The weather is nice out. I think autumn is near. The lows at nite are going to be cool. Tonite may dip into the 50s. Sounds like heaven.

World Clock

Be well, do good work, and keep in touch!

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