24 november

Today’s Name Day is

Swedes like to celebrate. So with a Name Day Calendar you can celebrate not only your “birth” day but your “name” day as well! Extra coffee and cake for you on your name’s day! Today there are so many new names that a name’s day calendar can’t possibly list all the names. The traditional names listed here reflect old Norse culture as well as earlier influences of Christianity. If you know anyone with a name similar to one listed here, surprise them with a “happy name’s day” greeting or sing them “Happy Birthday” in Swedish (Ja, må du leva)! I know no one with these names.

Today I am thankful for:  

Thought for today:   “The brain gives the heart its sight. The heart gives the brain its vision.” - Kall

Strange Fact of the Day:  The sun’s light takes only 8 minutes to reach earth. That’s 186,262 miles per second.

I had a better nite, sort of. Much less coughing. I swear I never slept at all, but Willie says I did. I had terrible nightmares over & over. And when I napped this morning, they came back. I think my cold is better. I think. Still really tired.

It did not get so cold last nite. Only down to 30 here. And it started snowing around suppertime with a second snow after midnite. We had maybe an inch or so. Very pretty early this morning. I got one nice photo when I was first up that is here. I just get so chilled when I go out I avoid it.

Willie came home this noon with groceries. Ah, what an angel!! I was out of soda. And Jenn told me to brew up some tea with honey & thyme to help my lungs. I will do that soon.

Just more resting today. I may tackle the kitchen sink if I can sit to do it. Any exertion really takes the soup outta me.

Be well, do good work, and keep in touch!

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