Today’s Namndag: Albin, Elvira

Thought for today:
Pack light and remain
open to light in people
who bless you with smiles.

The weather is cool, cloudy, & rainy. Jo was soaked the morning. Willie said she was not getting in all day. I am sure after lunch she will look at him with really sad eyes, & he will dry her off to let her in.

A cow had a calf last nite but when Willie saw her she was nowhere near the newborn. He kind of lead her over there & thought all was well. Wrong. She wants nothing to do with it. Poor baby. Now it is in the barn to be bottle fed. Unusual for an older mom to do this.

Will write more later. Have a busy day today. Have to check on Sally’s dog since they are out of town. Then work. Then check on the dog again. And will have lunch with friends.

Gått för dagen. Kanske.

Be well, do good work, and keep in touch!


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