Fluffless day 27/10/08

-Varmt välkommen hit-

Weather Outlook: Highs – 60’s. Lows – 30 – 40s. And NO RAIN. With our high winds yesterday, the fields have really dried out. Willie hopes to be back in the fields sometime today. We got down to 30F last nite. Now they say colder yet tonite. And the days of 70 is now only 1 day. But still no rain.

A quiet day today. Just have acupuncture and a quick coffee with Eric. This is a day without even ‘fluff’ to write about. It is sad when one has a ‘fluffless’ day.

At first cock-crow the ghosts must go
Back to their quiet graves below.
~Theodosia Garrison


Be well, do good work, keep in touch!

Biodiesel – No War Required

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/Julie-Ann den 27-10-08

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