-Varmt välkommen hit-

Weather Outlook: Highs – 40 – 50’s. Lows – 20’s. We were a bit warmer last nite. Only 27. And warmer today – in the 50s. But next week we might have rain on thursday and snow on friday. Hmmm.

Today is the anniversary of the assassination of John Kennedy. It is also National Stop the Violence Day. I had never heard of this, but we all should have.

I really do not feel well today. I think I am coming down with a cold. My acupuncturist gave me some liquid to take in hot tea when I am getting sick. It is literally pond scum!! It tastes horrid! I brew very strong tea with sugar in hopes of disguising the taste. I am taking it every 2 hrs. today. I am working 4 days this week. No time to be sick. I may skip my acupuncture treatment and class on monday if I am still feeling bad. Hopefully this bilge I am drinking will help.

Jo is so cool. She gets her point across without a single bark. Willie puts a box on his chair so she cannot lay on it at nite. He goes to bed but she comes back to the living room. The she stands by the chair and stares at me intensely. I get up and remove the box. She jumps up and falls asleep. Then all is fine in the world.

I worked this afternoon. I wrote up instructions on how to do labels – the ones we had so much trouble with the other day. I did them step-by-step so anyone walking in the door could do it. And now I have done them so many times I have a clue what I am doing. I had to redo the docent schedule since one quit. I printed up copies for everyone and then I mailed them after work. I had no tours today.

I am home and feeling a tad bit better but am going to take a nap. And more pond scum. ACK!!!!

Word of the day

nabob: wealthy person

Foolish consistencies are the hobgoblins of small minds.

- Dependable Renegade

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