Surprise meeting! 23/11/08

-Varmt välkommen hit-

Weather Outlook: Highs – 50’s. Lows – 20 – 30’s. Rain on thursday and rain/snow on friday.

I actually feel better today. I had my doubts about the bilge I was taking from my acupuncturist. I will probably take another couple of doses today just to be sure.

I met John, Sally, and Paul at the college caf for lunch. I got there first and was sitting by the steps. I heard someone walking up and then they called my name. It was my friend Ron from Florida who used to live here!! What a surprise!!! He invested money in the movie going to shot in town and I knew he was coming here but not when. I have missed him being around. He ate with us. A really nice meal!!

Then it was off to work. I got there and it was freezing cold!!! The furnace has not been working much and will probably have to be replaced. Marsha came in an hour or so later and talked with our guy and got it working. I have a heater in my office so I was ok. I got all the thank you cards written and forgot to mail them. Tomorrow I will.

The artist in residence we have now is from Salina KS and is a puppet maker. Very cool. Have photos to share later. Her husband is in charge of the drama dept. at KWU in Salina. Nice couple.

Home now watching a Tina Turner concert from Amsterdam. She is sooo hot. And her keyboard player is pretty hot himself. Love her music. Wish we all could age as great as she has.

Word of the day

escutcheon: a shield or decorative covering

Foolish consistencies are the hobgoblins of small minds.

- Dependable Renegade

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