5/03/09 Too hot outside. And inside.

-Varmt välkommen hit-

Yesterday I cleaned out the trunk of my car. I want to know who in the he** put all that junk in there??? I swear my gas mileage will double now with all the junk gone!! Then we discovered that the rubber tubing around the edge was off. Sooo. Rain and snow could get in. And it had. Did not make the job more pleasant.

It is waaay too hot today. Right now at 2pm it is 85F. Our low last nite was only 52F. Too warm. The house is quite stuffy. It is still winter not the dead of summer. I finally turned the AC on in the late afternoon. I swear this is the earliest it has even been on. Our house heats up really fast and it was miserable here. I am NOT in any way a summer person and I hate hot weather. It is going to be a miserable season for me.

I went to Abilene KS on a medicine run. I had a week of insulin left and do not like to cut it too close.

Last week at my Swedish club I passed out a questionaire for everyone who was there to answer — no names signed. There were 15 questions about all aspects of our group. I spent this afternoon evaluating them. No real surprises. I was hoping that other would have some suggesetions on programs to have or how to attract new members. Our group is getting older and if we do not attract some younger members our group will end. I hate to see that happen. One thing someone wanted was to do more translation from Swedish to English. I have a couple of things ready to go already. With one I needed a bit of translation help myself and Mona was my go-to person. Thanks Mona!!! I am trying to find articles that are short but interesting. I might try a recipe to translate too. Then they will have something to use at home also!

Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. – Buddha

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Julie-Ann den  5-3-09       Ha det jättegott, och njut av livet!

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