Picture of the Month – February

Every first Friday of each month, Picture of The Month will take place here.

Choose one picture that best portrays what you’ve been up to that month.

It can be an artistic piece, a non-artistic one, an abstract, a landscape, titled, untitled… feel free, but tell us the little story behind it –why you chose that specific shot, how you took it,

or any other aspect you’d like to share about it.

Make sure you publish it for everyone and please leave the link to your post on Dani’s and others’ posts.

Ready? Set?… Shoot!!!”

Unfortunately my January was pretty much taken up with things concerning my mom who died on Christmas Eve 2008. My brother and I had thank you cards to write, bills concerning the funeral to pay, had to see a lawyer, and insurance people.

Here is a photo of a 3D piece of art by one of our artists in residence at the art studio where I work. Art is a big part of my life — viewing it, enjoying it, learning about it, and trying to create art of my own.

Visitor Map
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Geo Visitors Map

Julie-Ann den  07-03-09

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