08/05/09 Storms came and went

-Varmt välkommen hit-

If your name is Carina or Carita, then today is your day!

I had Swedish group this morning. Last week I had the group translate a tiny article on how to set a table. Today we went over the English translation. It was painful. I will never ever do an article like that again. I had all the large, hard words already translated but still too difficult. There were some who said they did like my lesson and that actually having to think and use one’s brain is good. But others hated it and I feel like an idiot. I had a couple other articles prepared that are now headed to the trash.

And our Swedish group has too many illnesses. One man has some serious lung troubles after having pneumonia. Then another buy today could not lift a finger without gasping for air. Tried to convince him to go to the ER but he refused. I called his son to alert him what happened today and something I noticed last week about him. Then I went to lunch with some family. On the way out I could see my one cousin could barely walk and was grasping at anything for support. I left her hold onto me. We got to the door and down she went. I broke her fall as best I could so she only sat down. We all helped her up and got her to her car. What a day.

Our weather is very nice today, around 79F and no winds. There were storms last nite. We only got rains and thunder and lightning. South of us was the really bad stuff. They had straight-line winds of up to 90mph, heavy rains. This morning 7000 people were without electricity. They can keep it there.

Found a few places of spring in town and found my irises are blooming also.

Willie is still working cattle, but today Jo had to stay in the house alone. Yesterday she ran nonstop like an idiot. And caused Willie trouble. He spent more time yelling at her to leave the cattle alone that doing actual work. Poor Jo!!

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“Let me not beg for the stilling of my pain, but for the heart to conquer it.” ~Shantideva

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Julie-Ann den  08-05-09       Hemlängtan för Sverige!

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