14/05/09 Errands

-Varmt välkommen hit-

If your name is Halvar or Halvard, then today is your day!

Today I got up and a total of 6 cats were waiting for breakfast!! I sat outside for a while with them. The 3 little kittens are so cute. After eating they were playing with each other!

I went to Salina this afternoon. I had a list for Target. I have wanted a mouse for my laptop and they had a very small one. I really like it. Unfortunately I found some chips I loved also — Black pepper and salt chips. Mm.

Then to my health shop for a few things. It has the most lovely garden area. I would love to be able to just sit there.

On the way home I ran into the construction again. This time the flag man told me it would be at least a 10 min. wait, so I took a different road. And found some lovely flowers!!

It was just perfect temperature today and partly cloudy. Warm with chance of rain tomorrow.

I am feeling really stressed. Tomorrow at the Red Barn there is a concert. I cannot attend as my granddaughter is graduating from middle school. Marsha may be too ill to be there and Mary is stressing out on what to do. I am going in after lunch to help her with some computer work but I must go home to get dressed and all for graduation and her party afterwards. After this weekend I can be there all they need, just not this friday.

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War is not an adventure. It is a disease. – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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Julie-Ann den  14-05-09       Hemlängtan för Sverige!

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