What a day!!!

-Varmt välkommen hit-

If your name is Elof or Leif, then today is your day!

I had a busy but somewhat nonproductive day. I had planned to met with Jay, my brother, over lunch and then work on some legal stuff concerning Mom. But. Marsha called and I had to work. So…..

I started the day helping Willie move tractors and trucks home from the field. He had a bit more wheat to cut that we will use for next years crop. He finished this afternoon. Finally done. The physical stress is done. The emotional stress may linger. Now that most people done cutting, some are burning their wheat stubble.

Jay and I still ate out. John was there so we sat with him. Jay & I went to the Red Barn to do paperwork. We have fought with the government agency of Estate Recovery office or torture den or whatever they are called. Mom had an annuity that had annuitized. It is not touchable. She never had possession or control of this money, she only got a monthly check. We have a lawyer who has researched this issue. The greedy government cannot touch it. For 3 years Mom’s social worker drooled over getting control of that money. She even told me that when Mom died they would take it, we had no way we could keep it. We filled out an estate recovery form with help from the lawyer. Someone called me and hinted that the house was up for grabs. I assured her that issue was solved years ago and she back tracked. She acted like we had life insurance they could recover but I reminded her it paid for most of her funeral. She back tracked again. But the annuity……she had to research and would let me know. Never heard from her again. Lawyer finally heard and they were going to try to take this annuity from my brother and I. Lawyer called and explained AGAIN. Then the guy apologised profusely. Now we get the money. I am quite sure if my brother and I were not too bright and had no lawyer, they would have taken the house, try to get extra money from us, and taken the annuity. And I think they sort of thought we were idiots and that our small town lawyer was clueless. I am sure he hated to apologise. Nice to win.

Mary had tons of work today so she came in to do computer work. I had no tours until closing time. I could not work on the computer. So. I sat. And sat. Then we lost power briefly 3 times. No idea why but heard it was not just the studio. Mary left briefly and I wanted to check my email. NO INTERNET. I tried everything I new to get the wireless router to work. No luck. We did not want to call Marsha who was home sick. Finally called our computer guy. He came at almost closing time. It was not a simple fix. Had no clue if we could leave the studio with just the computer guy, even though we know him well and he is a friend. Finally had to call Marsha for advice. I was 40 min. Late leaving but I will just donate the overtime.

There was on minor problem this morning. The wheat Willie had to cut was across from our house. Jo is NOT supposed to be over there. I drove up ahead of Willie and like a snake in the grass, there was Jo watching. The next time I drove up Jo was with all the equipment. Then Willie yelled and she had to run home. But, 2 sec. Later I am sure she forgot his yelling.

Our weather felt a bit better today. Low was 62F and high was 91F. Lower humidity. Very nice for a change. Good chance for rain tomorrow nite and Thursday. I can dream………..

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There is always more.

Peace now.

Freedom now.

Equality now.

Justice forever.

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Julie-Ann den  29-06-09       Hemlängtan för Sverige!

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