Monas Dare – The Sky

This little “Game”, “Competition” or whatever I shall call it – it is not a contest! I came up with this idea (Maybe some will think it is corny… Silly or whatever, but then they do not have to join so there! Lol) I just thought this could be a fun way to get to know each other, get our inspiration going and use our cameras or painting programs!

I call this game “I dare you!” and every Friday I will dare you to show me something! (Nothing nude or nasty!!) Obviously it has to be your own photos, or graphics!

I changed one thing, it doesn’t have to be a NEW photo, you can pick any photo or graphics you have!

This Friday I will make it an easy one, I dare you to show me a photo of the sky.

Leave the link HERE in my comments so I can come and see!

My entry is several photos. Too hard to pick just one!!

First is a wall cloud that did in fact spawn a tornado. This was at our farm. Had 3 tornadoes that nite, one of which almost destroyed Chapman KS. I cannot put into words the awesome power this cloud had. It was perfectly still out but you could see and feel the power. It did not move fast at all but sat the and broiled and grew. It had my respect.

Next one is the midnight sun in Sweden in 2006. I love it!! Midnattsol! This was taken in Hälsingland. Had taken my cousin Patrik to a beautiful forest lake to do some fly fishing. On the way homen to Järvsö we saw the sun and my cousin Gottfrid had to stop the car for me to get just the perfect shot.

Then the sunset near Salina KS that was taken through my car window. The colours were awesome.

And the last is thunderstorm clouds looking very angry. I love the different colours in the clouds.

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