Funeral, frustration, & whatever


-Varmt välkommen hit-


If your name is Albert or Albertina, then today is your day!

I am not having fun and yet I have good days. Last thursday I went to a funeral in Parsons KS. It is a 3 hour drive one way. Went with an aunt and uncle. Our cousin Manuel Perez died last monday after a massive stroke. He and his wife had 6 children of their own plus they had 88 foster kids. I think the adopted a couple of them and most always thought of them as mom and dad. Very nice funeral. And it was quite international. Many Hispanics, of course, many blacks, a few Asian, and then the rest of us. My grandmother had 5 sisters. She and each of her sisters had a descendent attending the funeral. That was pretty special. I got to visit with 2 cousins I had not seen since I was a child. A sad but good day.

But. I came home to find my laptop dying. It started to load and then I got the ‘blue screen of death’. That is a black screen with blue coloured text. It would start to boot up and then crash. I was able to sign on in ‘safe mode’ and take lots of photos and documents off and on to a couple of flash drives. What a frickin’ mess. I took it in on friday. They think it may just be a Windows glitch. I can only hope so……

Friday was Swedish group. We had a Swedish lesson. It was fun! We are sure going to miss our teacher. Especially when I take over. No wonder we are losing members!

I spent all friday afternoon with David Perez. We ate Chinese food and did some shopping. And took my laptop in to be fixed. He leaves next week for a day or two in Wichita with David Friday. Then he flies home to Guatemala. I will surely miss him. He thinks it might be 2 years till he returns. I hope not!! Before we said our last goodbye, David gave me a painting he had done. There were 4 new ones and he let me choose my fave. I love it. WHEN and IF my camera works with this dang laptop, I will share a photo. Just goes to show you if you send out good and loving energy you will get back good and loving energy. Too bad not everyone I know would get that.

While we shopped on friday, I bought an iPod. I have no music at work. Or there is a radio but stations I hate. We have nothing in this area that is worth listening to. I also have a Sirius radio that I am thinking of not renewing. It is atrociously expensive. I only listen to 2 stations so why bother. Just use my iPod. But. I cannot set it up until I get my other laptop back. Not going to mess with it on this one.

I worked today. I had not one phone call or visitor, except for the board president who came in to say hi. I got lots of my work caught up. Working an extra day this week so should be up to date.

I asked to go out to eat tonite and Willie actually said yes. What a shock. We went to the Sirloin Stockade. Fair food, but great rolls  with cheese. And I had the absolute best bread pudding ever, still hot. I should have made a meal just out of it!! And we took the new truck to town. First time I got to ride in it. Nice ride!!! Might take it to town tomorrow!!

Our weather has been good. Today was cloudy almost all day and cleared tonite. It was misty this morning. And it got pretty cool tonite and colder yet tomorrow. I am hoping for an early and long autumn, a long winter, a long spring, and very short summer. Already 63F now. Good sleeping.

I tried to transfer my photos from my camera tonite and it will not work. Now what???? I took lots of photos today. Will try a reboot later. Very frustration. At least I got them off my Blackberry.

Tonite I am watching my Seattle Sounders football team. God forbid I could actually see a game live! That would be asking too much. Was on 2 channel for pay and another that was blacked out. Now watching a rerun. Already know all that happened. A Twitter friend always does a play by play. My fave player who has been quite ill and missed 2 games it now out for the next game for getting a yellow card. Dang.

Sikta framåt!


Peace. For Real.

Go Sounders!!!
















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Julie-Ann den  29-08-09       Hemlängtan för Sverige! 


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