Hej kära bloggläsare!

If your name is Marika or Marita, then today is your day!

Weather turned rainy on wednesday. Today is foggy and misty. And cold!! It is 39F now. And with the strong winds it feels much much colder. The sky looked like snow. Western Kansas had 3-4 inches of snow. Eastern Colorado had 8-12 inches of snow.

Had lunch with a friend at Applbee’s on wednesday. Good eats – good conversation.

I ventured into Vita Villa and stocked up on all the suggestions of what to take to help prevent H1N1. Most likely I will not be able to get a shot against it.

In the rain I drove through a park and took some cool photos. The photo at the top looks like the goose had water spraying out his ears!

Today I had breakfast with a friend in Assaria at a great place. It is located in an old school house. It is full of old photos, travel posters, and antiques. Great place.

I went to my acupuncturist for her patient open house. Got a free treatment. She has a new med that is to help with weight loss and energy. Took one when I got home. Later I felt really strange. Thought it was my blood sugar but it was fine. Got ok later. I had bought now vitamin water and drank some with supper. Felt strange again. Maybe the water?? Water in trash. Will try pill on sunday. Too busy to experiment until then.

Violence is never the answer.

Go Seattle SoundersFC!!

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Julie-Ann den 22/10/09                      Hemlängtan för Sverige!

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One thought on “Wednesday/thursday

  1. The pictures of the Renaissance were just great! Also like the picture of the milo with the hill in the background. I really enjoy your photos!

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