Extreme cold, no sleep, and snow…

Hej kära bloggläsare!

If your name is Angela or Angelika, then today is your day! Grattis!

Weather is frigid cold.  Frigid. And stayed that way. But there was no wind which helped. It was cloudy but no snow until 915pm. Now we have snow. Our patio is getting slick. No wind yet.

Not a good day in any way. I had very little sleep. Awake until 3am and awake again at 8am. I did take a nap and that helped some. Still obsessing over our children. Must quit. Must learn to care as much as they do. Just kept asking ‘why’.

I forced myself to drive to Lindsborg late this afternoon for groceries. I thought that Willie could do it but he loaded calves to bring home all day and it did not go well. I was worried with a blizzard warning that we might need food that takes no electricity to fix and eat. With my diabetes I wanted to make sure there was food in the house. And the car was on empty and if there is an emergency I do not want to drive in 10F, blowing snow, and no fuel. I bought nothing healthy. My stress was in charge.

Willie did have some help with the calves so I did not worry quite so much. I did hit the panic button when he never came home for lunch but then when I talked to him I was ok. Every day I worry while he is gone. Today was just worse for me. Is life supposed to be like this?? Where are the good times?

I cancelled my acupuncture. Moved it to another day. I skipped my last movie class. Hated to but just could not go. Next semester will be better. And now I see I am down to work on wednesday. Depends on the roads. Doubt anyone comes in during bad weather anyway.

‘On and on the rain will fall

Like tears from a star like tears from a star

On and on the rain will say

How fragile we are how fragile we are’

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