Hej kära bloggläsare!

If your name is Assar, then today is your day! Grattis!

Ventured to the Verizon store to have them check my Blackberry out. It made a new sound when I forwared and unforwarded calls. Turned out a new sound with the new company. Verizon bought out Alltel. Tons of people in line to be helped. Went faster than expected.

Went with a friend to McPherson to have coffee at a place called The Well. Wonderful place and they served Italian cream sodas. Needed to be with a friend to relax and chat. Fed my soul with both.

‘On and on the rain will fall

Like tears from a star like tears from a star

On and on the rain will say

How fragile we are how fragile we are’

Go Sounders!!! Countdown to March 25, 2010

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The WeatherPixie

Julie-Ann den 16/12/09                      Hemlängtan för Sverige!

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