Blogg post: 25/06/2010 Harvest almost over.…



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Weather was back to miserable. I saw 100F this afternoon. We did have a good breeze and that helped. Actually a chance of rain sunday nite. And maybe a bit cooler next week. Not much but a little.


Had Swedish group today. I did have a program planned but never got to it. We talked about the Royal wedding from last week. It gets harder each week have group. We used to have a lot of members and not we are so few. I know that several have died or gone to the nursing home, but I feel maybe it is me driving people away. If we have programs, some won’t come because we aren’t doing Swedish lessons. If I do translations, then others won’t come because they do not like that. And I signed on to be vice-president but now I am president, vice-president, secretary, program director, coffee maker, and coffee cleaner-upper. I am tired. Several do help but not full time. Today I counted at least 18 people who should be members but aren’t. Some used to be and others never were. Yet they all say how great we are. Hmmm.



Had lunch today with Elly. Good food and good conversation. Then I chatted a bit with Sally and Chad.


Moved equipment back closer to home to our last wheat field. I fixed my last supper, I hope. We should be done tomorrow. Thank the Lord. It went much faster than usual but seemed to be more stressful. At least for me. Many more worries and rather p.o.’d about how we should be a family farm but hell no, we are not. I have gotten stuck in the middle with no solution. And those who put me here do not care at all.




I saw next to no World Cup today. Switzerland played this afternoon but I only watched a few minutes. Then too a long nap. USMNT plays again tomorrow. Might see some but I have to work tomorrow. 





Ciao for niao! 

Jag behöver semester! Jag vill åka till Sverige! 














  Go Sounders!!! Scarves up!!! Time to win…







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Julie-Ann den

Julie-Ann den 25/06/10                      Hemlängtan för Sverige!





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