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Weather was nothing but miserable. Miserable. I bet you are tired of reading this. Well, I am tired of living it. It was almost 100F by noon. Oppressive humidity. I am a broken record. I have never liked living in Kansas and this year is much worse than usual. But, I made my bed and I am living in it. Does not mean I need to enjoy it. No chance for rain or a cool down.

I worked today. And I was sooo busy. I gave 7 tours. All really nice people who were interested and asked lots of questions. Tours like them make going to work enjoyable. I have when someone comes in and is bored and could care less. Why come in then?? Then another docent who works at another business called me at CLOSING TIME to say she was sending some people my way. CLOSING TIME. She never asked if I could stay late or anything. I had plans to meet someone for coffee but luckily he came in and I told him to wait until 430. I never made it until almost 5pm. Luckily, he was running late also.

Had a nice coffee with Eric and a nice visit. He had a movie for me called 2 Days in Paris, written, directed, produced, and starring Julie Delpy. Cannot wait to watch it.

This evening within 10 minutes, Jo was in her water tank. I was out for the second dip and I could not believe how long she just laid in it! All we could see was her head. Poor thing!! She was soo hot! And she wanted to play around the yard or go ‘hunting’ but she never got very far. She actually was in the house all afternoon. Just went out for a truck ride.

Ciao for niao!

Jag behöver semester! Jag vill åka till Sverige!

Go Sounders!!! Scarves up!!! What the hell is wrong and why no announcement?

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Julie-Ann den 17/07/10                      Hemlängtan för Sverige!

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2 thoughts on “Blogg post: 17/07/2010 Work and fika.…

  1. Well…at least those people were nice. I know what it can be like. AND you had a nice coffee with Eric and a nice movie to look forward to. Maybe you have watched it by now?

    I must say it was a little bit better last night because the humidity was down to 68%… that’s quite the difference to 94%. Hope that’s a trend that will last.

    McDuff, of course, doesn’t go for any bath. He just tries to find a shady place and stays still. I brush him with a water filled brush … I thought that might help to cool him down a little. I don’t know how much affected he is, but he must be..

  2. I was just outside. The temp is around 90 already but the humidity feels less. Felt ok out. Jo finds a cool place. Usually on the concrete floor where we park our car. Mostly she comes in where it is cool. The poor cats though! they stay out of the sun and move so slow. The birds here all sit with their beaks hanging open. Sad to see. Last nite we had a mockingbird in the top of our pine tree. He was just singing away!! What a pretty cornucopia of sounds!

    Not watched the movie yet. Maybe today after watching my soccer match.

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