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Weather was a bit better today. Last nite there was rain to the south of us but nary a drop here. It felt awesome out last nite. Got nice and cool. Amazing. Today saw 90F. Humidity was bad early on but now it is better.


Worked yesterday. Nice slow paced day. Gave 2 tours and got some work caught up. I printed out some photos at home. Two were of a Raymer piece we just found out about and one of the inside of a writing desk Raymer made. Getting fragile so I don’t always open it but nice to have a photo to show people what it looks like. Very beautiful.



Today I got up to find Willie doing some cleaning. He always means well but today he made 10x more work for me getting ready for Brian and our tv. And mornings my back is usually very sore and stiff until I get limbered up. IF he would help a bit every day that would be a great help. I remember how in their later years my dad sure helped my mom a lot. I hope she appreciated how lucky she was.


Brian was here at 2pm. Got the dish put up then the dvr and the tv. Took about 2 hrs. for it all. He had originally signed us up for HD for life but they did not get it done. It can be done over the phone but today they all refused so we had to do it online. Maybe the weekend help is clueless. Gonna be a challenge teaching Willie a whole new remote!!! (Martini, please!) The first thing I found was a soccer game. In HD. It is awesome. Just like being on the pitch with the team. I love it. He also hooked up my dvd player that plays European dvd’s. Very cool.



The top photo is NOT Jo. That was our last dog Ruffa as a pup with a fun edit to it. Bottom photo is my cousin Bengt Larsson’s home in Järvsö Hälsingland Sverige. Heaven on earth for sure. 











Ciao for niao! 


Jag behöver semester! Jag vill åka till Sverige! 



        Sounders!!! I am sad. So sad….








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Julie-Ann den 25/07/10                      Hemlängtan för Sverige!








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5 thoughts on “Blogg post: 25/07/2010 New tv.…

  1. Hej!
    How wonderful with the new TV! It looks really great … I’ve seen in the stores what great picture they have!

    That picture of the house in Järvsö is so typically Swedish

  2. It is very swedish. There is a symbol over the front porch that is the Hälsingland symbol. Bengt lives here with his son, his fiance and her son. I stayed in the other residence just to the left with Bengt’s father Gottfrid. It is one story and attached to the barn. Lovely also.

    I cannot believe the picture. Just amazing. The first soccer game I watched that is in the picture the NY team has a Swedish coach, Hans Backe. A friend in Sweden just sent me a tweet saying he was watching the same game in HD also. What a small world!

    • Yeah, they all have their heraldic coat of arms… Ångermanland, which would be the county where Härnösand is, has three salmons in their shield.

      It’s cool when that things happens, about watching the same game. Long time ago, I was watching a soccer game too, at the same time as being online with a girl in Argentina and a guy in Australia … we were all watching the same game. The wonderful world of Internet :)

  3. I have a metal symbol here but I think it is from Skåne, where most of my ancestors are from.

    It is fun to know that as I am watching something someone I know so far away is watching it to. What a small world we live in.

    Lucked into a tv show on the Travel Channel. I cannot put into words the beauty they showed. The old tv would have not done it justice. Saw Yellowstone, Norway, Africa, Barrier Reef, Canadian Rockies. I have it taped. May watch it again just for the beauty.

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