Blogg post: 29/09/2010 Pleasant day..


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Weather was a bit warmer. Up to 91F. Did not feel bad though. A cold front is approaching though. No rain is to fall though. I gave up trying to sit outside today. too many mosquito bites now.



I met Sally and Helen for lunch. What a nice time we had!! John stopped at our table for a few minutes to chat. And found out that one of my fave waiters that has been gone for a while has opened another Mexican restaurant in a nearby town. Gotta take a road trip that way!!!



After lunch I stopped where my brother works to chat for an hour or so. And he even asked me to take him a couple of places. That was very nice. I will enjoy being with him.


I had a date to meet a friend for coffee but he had to cancel. Rescheduled for later in the week.


Tonite I helped moved tractors and such. The first wheat field has been sown with wheat.


All in all, a good day.      


Ciao for niao! 

Jag behöver semester! Jag vill åka till Sverige! 




Late last night

While we were all in bed

Miss O’Leary left a lantern in the shed . . .

When the cow tipped it over…

She winked her eye and said,

“It will be a hot time in the old town tonight.”



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Julie-Ann den 29/09/10                      Hemlängtan för Sverige!



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2 thoughts on “Blogg post: 29/09/2010 Pleasant day..

  1. Hej … go’morron :)
    I really like that Swedish collage. Very nice..

    We’re having the fourth day in a row with total fog. Nice that you met your brother. Do you have any photo of him?

    Hope all the mosquitoes will just drop dead. Hate the bugs. I have to put cortisone on the bites because I swell up … ankles in particular.

    Didn’t do much yesterday. Made a new header for my blog, in PSP. It was fun, acutally.

    Kramisar =)

  2. If you look at the Swedish collage on Flickr, it tells where each photo was taken.

    The photo with the dalahäst and flowers, you can see him at the very edge. Totally unplanned! Saw him after the shot. Not sure there are any photos of him on Flickr. Have to look.

    Your new header looks very nice.


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