Blogg 20/7/2011 Acupuncture, hair, and lunch….

Weather — it just gets worse and worse. I saw 110.3F this afternoon. I do not let Jo out until the temp is below 100F. That is usually around 7-ish. Tonite at 830pm it was still 100F. The heat is starting to get to me. Big time. I just feel grouchy inside. Every thing irritates me. The shoes I wear, the clothes I have on, sitting and waiting is unbearable, and more. I see no humour in much. And the weatherman had better quit trying to be cute. Really irritating! And sadly, 2 people have died here in Kansas from the heat. And today 2 kids were found locked in hot cars in Wichita. What is wrong with people!! Idiots!!!


Yesterday I was gone all day! Left early for acupuncture in McPherson. Needed it bad. Hurt worse after but today much better. I had time to drive through Lakeside Park but there was not one duck or goose to be seen. Hiding from the heat, I am sure.


Took myself to lunch at Wendy’s in Salina. I like that their hamburgers are not frozen or pre-shaped, french fries have the skins on, and they use sea salt. And it all tastes pretty good. I took a spin through Jerry Ivey Park. I saw a few ducks and geese there. And some flowers and water. I almost stepped on a mother duck and her 8 ducklings. How sweet!!! Fun to watch.


Had my hair cut, coloured, and styled. Only been 6 weeks!!! For me that is 2 weeks overdue! I was a shaggy mess!! Feels much better now. And I look much better also!


Today I met Kathy for lunch at the new place in town, The Sugar Shack. Great burgers and the ice cream looked to die for. And homemade pies. I was good. But it hurt. Dang.


Tonite, there were 15 turkeys in my yard. All adults. I can see the heat is getting to them also. A couple kept fighting with each other!! One kept standing on one foot with its wings puffed a bit. Odd. I took too many photos.

***See my day in photos here.***

Here is the weather from my birth year.


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One thought on “Blogg 20/7/2011 Acupuncture, hair, and lunch….

  1. It’s terrible. I’m at loss for words, with regards to the heat. I don’t know … what to do, it’s like I want to fall asleep all the time.

    Some great backyard wildlife you have there! :) Ducks/ducklings always look so peaceful.

    I’m not a big fan of french fries with the skin left… but otherwise I find Wendy’s okay..

    Hang in there!


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