Blogg 03/8/2011 Humidity & almost rain….

Weather – cooler temps but high humidity. Just cannot win. Never hit 100F today. Supposed to be a bit cooler tomorrow. Rain was near. Got to our farm, and split in 2 and missed us. Large area now to the SW. Probably do the same. Did have some awesome clouds and thunder and lightning. Not a drop of rain though.


I did nothing today. Went through a huge stack of mail and magazines. Did some laundry. Ignored the dishes. Fixed supper but Willie ate elsewhere. Why do I bother? See my diabetic doctor tomorrow so I had to print out all my blood sugars and a paper I have to fill out whenever I see him.


Yesterday I bought a Barnes and Noble Nook Color. I am excited!!! No more magazines in print form. It also does email and the internet. Hope it ships soon!!!


Had 15 turkeys in the yard tonite. No little ones and not our crippled one. Love watching them.


No day in photos for a couple of days. Absolutely no motivation. Too hot to get out of the car. Flower gardens looking weary. Just do not care. Will it ever cool down? I long for winter. And, no, I do not complain when it is cold. I love winter.



वर्षा, बारिश, आज आया. हीट गुंबद दूर जा सकते हैं.


***See my day in photos here.***



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2 thoughts on “Blogg 03/8/2011 Humidity & almost rain….

  1. Hej!
    I have not really acquainted myself with all these different tablets that are out there, from various book stores. At first, I was intrigued that they sold at all, when there are things like iPad and the likes out. I thought they only did books. Now I followed your link here, and read up a bit more about the Nook, so I see that you can do web stuff too and it makes more sense.

    Looking forward to reading about your impressions of it.

    Let it snow now!


    • I do not think the Kindle does all what a Nook Color does. And Kindle is just black and white. Who wants to read a fashion magazine in black and white?? The minute I saw the Nook I wanted one. Hopefully it comes tomorrow or saturday.

      Cooler temps but horrendous humidity. We had rain off and on all nite. And some this morning. Nice. but now it is sweltering. Ick. Definitely snow now!

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