Blogg 06/8/2011 Work day….

Weather – back to miserable. Saw 97F with killer humidity. I saw in Assaria Kansas it was 100F but felt like 127F. Assaria is just east of me.
The forecast shows rain every day for the next week. Ha. We had thunder and lightning last nite and not a drop of rain. I have to faith.


I worked today. Had a new artist. I only remember her first name, Michaela. She does awesome ceramics. They took my breath away. And she is doing a totem pole of chickens. I cannot wait to see it finished!! I gave 2 tours. They were the nicest couple from Iowa. It is a joy to give a tour to people who listen, get excited, ask questions, and share their amazement over Lester Raymer’s art. I worked on PastPerfect. Seems to go so slow. But I add a piece of art then either take a photo of or find an old one I have taken. Then add it in. If new, I have to wait till my mobile phone sends it to Flickr.


After work I stopped in the White Peacock. Had to have ginger peach tea and a piece of fudge. I am addicted. Am planning to have tea with a friend next week. We changed the to when they are open. No where else is the same!!!


Sometimes I feel invisible. An incident happened that was just minor, but it made me feel so unimportant. Like I do not matter in any way. I would never ever treat anyone like that. I sort of spoke up and then the other person got snippy. Lordy. If anyone should have been snippy, it should have been me. People never cease to amaze, or disappoint, me.

वर्षा, बारिश, आज आया. हीट गुंबद दूर जा सकते हैं.


***See my day in photos here.***



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2 thoughts on “Blogg 06/8/2011 Work day….

  1. I remember work places, where some Dr. looked in to the room, where I was working, and asked: «aren’t there any people here???» That always made me feel so insignificant … like a non-existing person..

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