Blogg 10/8/2011 Perfect day….

Weather is perfect!!! We had rain overnite. Sounded like a lot but only half an inch. Our electricity was off for a couple of hours. With the thunder, I had trouble sleeping. And so nice and cool when I got up. Wow. First day I did not sweat just opening the door.

Yesterday I had a morning app’t in Lindsborg of the Smoky Valley Historical Association. Just the board met. Had some decisions to make concerning the repairs to the Coronado Heights road and castle. And got news of a wonderful news of an event coming in the future. Hope it works out. And if it could be ongoing —- wow!!!


I had lunch with Sally at Jalisco Mexican Restauant. And got a Spanish lesson!!! I love it there. Great food and the best service around. One of the ladies who works there speaks no English. She will finally ask me how I am. She has such a nice smile! But we cannot communicate. Makes me sad. Maybe I should make her my new BFF and one of us might learn a new language!!!


Yesterday I got a Nook Color. I have been on pins and needles waiting for it. I. Love. It. The coolest thing ever!!! All in colour. And with the internet. Much better than a Kindle. Much. I downloaded one book and one magazine. Very cool. When I travel, I will take it with me instead of my laptop. Much easier to take. You can download Kindle software for your computer. You can download books to read but no magazines or newspapers. I have had that for a year or so.


Today I met Naomi at the White Peacock for tea and conversation. I went extra early with my Nook Color and relaxed and read my book. Perfect. Quiet and relaxing. I must do that more often. Nice way to destress. A true Zen moment.


Tonite I sat outside and read. Cool air. Nice to listen to the birds and cicadas. Another Zen moment. Hope the weather stays nice. Hope.

वर्षा, बारिश, आज आया. हीट गुंबद दूर जा सकते हैं.


***See my day in photos here.***



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2 thoughts on “Blogg 10/8/2011 Perfect day….

  1. Hej,
    Maybe you both could learn a new language at the same time :)
    Glad you like your new Nook. [I read the other blog first]. I never really understood the point, when they didn’t have Internet..
    Weather here is better too! One gotta be thankful :)

    • Or we both sit in silence and smile!!!!

      Well, a kindle is just for reading book and such. But the Nook is just so much more. And in color where the kindle is black and white. Dull.

      Loving our weather!!! Glad yours is better also!!!


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