Blogg 20/10/2011 Out & About….

Weather really cold last nite. Down to 27. We have not turned the heat on in the house yet. It was 59 in here. Brrrr. Turned on our little heater & it was fine. Beautiful today. Just perfect.

I met Sally & Virginia for lunch in Lindsborg at Jalisco’s. Good food and great company. And were they ever busy. First a large group of high school girls. OMG for the giggling. Sigh… Then a huge family group from a funeral came in. They really should have called. Had to have been 20-30 of them. They took over the place. My fave waiter actually was running. Never seen that before!!! I called out to him, ‘Ándale!’

I then drove to McPherson for acupuncture. Hopefully will keep me feeling good next week. I drove by Lakeside Park but too few geese to warrant a stop.

Bought some groceries and took photos at the Sandzén Gallery and around town. Then home.

वर्षा, बारिश, आज आया. हीट गुंबद दूर जा सकते हैं.

***See my day in photos here.***

ジュリーアン 平和

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2 thoughts on “Blogg 20/10/2011 Out & About….

  1. Most of the girls, including Moneka, had also been to the funeral.

    The father of one of the girls was killed in a motorcycle accident. The accident was a week or 10 days back; he passed a few days ago.

    So beyond the normal teenage giddiness there was a little of of pressure being relieved as it’s traumatic to lose or know of the loss of a parent at that age.

    Lisa and Moneka both went to the funeral. The good news is that Danni had a lot more support than she expected. No substitute of course, but it does help.

    And in addition to the connection via Moneka the father was my age.

    • I never thought about the girls being at the funeral. They were ok but just lots of giggling! Hard time for all. Sad to lose someone so young and with kids.

      In the last several weeks there have been 6 deaths of people I know and several serious illnesses. Not a happy time.

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