Blogg 31/12/2011 Year’s End….

Weather was in the 60s today but with very strong winds that are worse tonite. And it is cooler. Ending the year in a drought with no end in sight.

Had lunch with Naomi, Dirk, Keo, and Pr. Mai in Lindsborg today. Last get together of the year.

Worked today at the Red Barn. Fairly quiet. Gave 2 tours and Keo came in to visit.

Willlie actually took me out to eat tonite. He sounds awful and probably feels cruddy. His voice works about half time. Very congested. He’s asleep in his chair, Jo is in her sanctuary, and here I am.

2011 was a mixture of intense sadness and great joy. It started with the loss of John. I will never get over losing him. I think of him daily and miss him more than words can say. And in september our granddaughter Ava was born. Such great joy!!! And now she can laugh and smile. I love spending time with her. Everything in between has been so-so. This year it has been hard to be motivated. No major highs or lows. Just so-so. I try to expect little but this year is just not the way I thought things would be at this time of my life. And not in a good way.

Everyone has a New Year’s Resolution. And so do I. The same one I have had for several years now. My resolution is to have no expectations from life, or situations, or from people. I so often see things or people with rose-coloured glasses. I always have these great expectations that never ever come to fruition. So for me expecting nothing works. I may be pleasantly surprised but rarely devastated. It works for me. So for 2012 I expect nothing. If good things happen, I am pleased. If nothing great happens, so be it. This does not work 100% of the time but much better than planning to diet and blowing it by 5 january!

Happy New Years to all!! Gott Nytt År!

वर्षा, बारिश, आज आया. हीट गुंबद दूर जा सकते हैं.

***See my day in photos here.***

ジュリーアン 平和

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6 thoughts on “Blogg 31/12/2011 Year’s End….

  1. Happy New Year, Julie-Ann!
    That’s probably a good approach …. that way at least you won’t get so disappointed. I’m thinking, I’ll try and pay more attention to the way I feel … meaning, if I’m in a lousy mood, try and stop and think about why that is and if I can think differently about it. I tend to think too negative thoughts.

    All the best for 2012 … happy blogging!

    många kramar

    • Good idea. I always have negative thoughts. Part of my depression I believe. I saw a show on depression that told me something I had not known. Depressed people always remember bad memories rather than good ones. I thought of my own life and how true it is. For instance, I can have 20 people wish me Happy Birthday but I will dwell on the one who did not. I am working hard now to remember good things and forget the negative.


      • That really hit home with me — that’s exactly how I am! I don’t know that I’m depressed …in that case I’ve been that throughout life … but I think I could have been born with a mind prone to melancholy..

      • This year has been different. I can make my self get up and dressed and go to work or lunch, but something small, mailing a bill, just can’t do it. Very frustrating. And I mostly feel kind of blah. On meds but not much change. But it could be lots worse. And I am trying to change. Being aware is major for me.

      • I recognize that … little things, like mailing a bill — and this has been going on for ages. From now on I’m really going to try hard and change my thoughts … to be aware, to really stop and think.

      • I hope we both do better!!!! I used to be so much better. Maybe it is an age thing!? Yikes!

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