Blogg 30/01/2012 Baptism…

Weather turned far too warm today. Almost 70F. Simply not good. Of course the snow haters are thrilled. Of course. They want it warm and dry. They never think about crops and live stock. So far our wheat is ok but for how much longer? But there is an extreme shortage of hay to feed the cattle. There is a dairy from Texas that drive up here twice a week to by hay for their cattle. There is not much here but more than Texas. Already they have said the American cattle herd is much smaller. That will increase meat prices in food markets. Not a good situations. I actually have an uncle who wants it to always stay warm so he can golf more. How totally selfish and uneducated he is.


Yesterday I was up around 6am. I truly did not know 6am existed!!!! We left here a little after 7am to head to Pratt Kansas for Ava’s baptism at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church between Pratt and Preston Kansas. A lovely church and everyone was very friendly. Made us feel so welcome. Ava was good throughout the service. Not a peep out of her. Such a good baby!! All of the sunday school kid worked on a blanket for her. Nice gift. We got her a couple of interactive books and a sterling silver cross with a tiny diamond in it. Something to save for when she is older as a baptism memory. In the photo above, her hair looks a bit reddish. I can dream!!! Oh, to have another ginger haired grandchild!!


After church, we went to Bill and Jenn’s. She fixed chili and homemade cinnamon rolls! Every thing was sooo good. Before eating, I got to feed Ava her bottle. Jenn’s brother, his wife and their baby were there. We 2 grandmothers held each a baby. They really looked at each other. And Ava talked up a storm. She does coo and stuff but yesterday she outdid herself! She was sooo cute!! Maybe because she had a large audience! She is trying to crawl. Not quite got it figured out but soon. But she can roll. She laid on the floor and rolled back and forth over and over. Then she started rolling and almost reached the 2 grandfathers!!! It was a great day!


Today I had nothing on the agenda until late afternoon. Had a docent meeting in Lindsborg at the Red Barn. Did not go as planned but we got a history lesson on the building. It is several barns put together to make a home and studio. Very interesting.


I then took myself out to eat at Jalisco’s. My cousin Bill came in and we had a really nice visit. He has now moved to Lindsborg so we must get together more. He is sort of without family like I am. And since I am usually there during the day, Miguel and Antonio had to make sure I knew how to say ‘good evening’ when I left!! Great guys!!!


After eating I had groceries to buy. Willie gave me a list. Odd to shop at nite!


Below is a slide show or a link to one of the baptismal day.

वर्षा, बारिश, आज आया. हीट गुंबद दूर जा सकते हैं.

***See my day in photos here.***


ジュリーアン 平和

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2 thoughts on “Blogg 30/01/2012 Baptism…

  1. How wonderful … with the get together for the baptism! I think her hair looks reddish too.. You would like her to have that?! My brother has hair like that.
    Nice that your cousin has moved to Lindsborg.


  2. It was a fun day! Usually Willie is anxious to go home but not that day. I hope her hair gets redder!!!


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