Blogg 04/02/2012 Rain, Swedish, craft project…

Weather is a bit more wintry. We had rain start thursday nite. It even thundered and lightninged. Love it. We got a total of 2.7 inches of rain. A start but did not fill the ponds. Maybe kept the wheat going a little longer. West and north there was snow…..lots of snow. I don’t even hope for it anymore. If it is something I want, forget it. Won’t happen.


Today would have been my cousin Galen’s 64th birthday. We were so close as kids. Together all the time. He died in a horrible car wreck when he was 26. I still think of him and miss him. He always came to our farm every year on the opening day of hunting season. He was an avid hunter. Wonder what his life would have been like if he had lived.


Friday was my Swedish group. This was our day to meet at the Lindsborg Community Library. I love those days. I don’t have to fix coffee or clean up the food table and kitchen. A holiday for me. We reviewed some Swedish words translated to
English and 2 sentences. Then one of our members read 2 pages from a book with all those words in there. I enjoyed it a lot. We also got 4 copies of 2 books about Sweden and 3 printed articles. So interesting. Will make sure they all get shared. I am making copies of the printed things so anyone can have a copy.


After group I ate at Jalisco’s. No one to eat with. I am so used to eating alone I don’t even think of it. I bring my Nook Color and read while I eat. I don’t feel like I stand out so much. Sometimes I even forget to ask anyone to eat with me. Still miss having John to be with but I am not as sad as when he first died.


After lunch I drove to Salina to buy groceries at Dillons. Our local market has many things but not all. I only use soaps that are not harmful to the earth. None offered in Lindsborg.


Worked today. Had 2 groups come in for tours. I am not used to that anymore!!! Been a lot of quiet saturdays!!! Marsha was in and we talked for a long time. Made some decisions about some computer things I do. There are things I used to do that I really enjoyed. Wish I could do them again but that is not to be.


There is a situation at work that has now put me in the middle of 3 people. I try to listen to all. I try not to judge. I try to keep confidences. But it is adding to my stress. And I see all their points. It is not just what this one says or that one says. I am not truly involved, just someone they talk to.


I did a project tonite I saw a while ago on a wonderful site I am addicted to called Pinterest. Instead of tossing out all your Christmas cards, make and print a front identifying what year the cards are. Then put the cards together in a ‘book’. I did 2 years tonite. I like it. Wish I had started years ago.


Willie has basketball on. Not a fan usually. Although I don’t like the team that won but I truly dislike the team that lost. But the worst is having to listen to Dick Vitale. The most annoying voice and stupid comments. Gives me a headache. And a strong urge to throw something at the tv.


वर्षा, बारिश, आज आया. हीट गुंबद दूर जा सकते हैं.

***See my day in photos here.***


ジュリーアン 平和

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2 thoughts on “Blogg 04/02/2012 Rain, Swedish, craft project…

  1. We are not as bad as TX or OK but not good. A dairy in TX drives up here twice a week to buy hay for their cattle. But soon there will be no hay here. Unless we start getting rain. Sad.

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