Blogg 25/02/2012 Busy week…

Weather remains too warm. And no moisture. Same song, 12th verse. I don’t even listen if they mention moisture. No use to. Have had 3 days of gale force winds this week. I just took a bath and I could hear things really whipping around in the wind. Ick.


Tuesday we had Messiah rehearsal. If was such a fun rehearsal! Lots of laughing!!! I tonite saw shades of Prof. Elmer Copley in our director, Jeff Wall. I loved Elmer and miss him yet today. I also felt Mom’s presence too. She sang for 63 years, one of the longest singing members.


Wednesday was a fun day!!! I met 4 former classmates and friends for lunch at Jalisco’s. Four of our names start with *J* —- Janet, Jeanette, Janie, and Julie. Beth has since changed her name to Jelizabeth. Another classmate, Dale, sat with us for a while. We changed his name to J’Dale. We sat there from 1130am to 4pm. Then we went to the Old Grind for tea and almond cake. Then they went home and I went to see Sally at work. Went with her and Paul to pick up Richea and her dog Chloe. We then went to the Elmwood Cemetery to let Chloe run around.


It was then waaaay toooooo late to go home to fix supper, so I went to the Brick House Grill and took home pulled sandwiches for Willie and I. Fun day!!!


Friday had my Swedish group again. I had a short, easy questionaire in Swedish for them to answer in Swedish. And we all had a good talk! With the new princess born in Sweden, that was the topic of the day. I watched it all live on my laptop. How fun to watch Prins Daniel make the announcement live here.


I had a hair appt later in the afternoon. I am going out of town and my hair is easier to fix if my stylist does it than if I fix it.


Worked today. Fairly quiet. Gave a tour to 3. Had 3 friends come in to chat. Even got a lot done in a database I am working on.

र्षा, बारिश, आज आया. हीट गुंबद दूर जा सकते हैं.

***See my day in photos here.***


ジュリーアン 平和

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