Blogg 14/03/2012 Heat wave, busy, and sick…

Weather remains too warm. It is downright hot. I saw 85F today. We tired a record. I hate it. It is still winter and it is already summer here. There are flies buzzing around. Dandelions are blooming as are some weeds with tiny white flowers or lavender flowers. Our pear tree is almost ready to bloom. In winter. How dreadful will summer be? I can hardly bear to think. It was humid today also.


I was beyond busy last week. Someone I work with quit so I worked extra last week. And there is an art show in downtown Lindsborg I am volunteering at. My cousin had surgery and needed to go to Wichita for post-op dr. app’t. His wife was working, so I took him. I had no time for just me.


On saturday we had too many social invites. We never get invited anywhere and then we get invited too several. A good friend who has been single for many years has met a wonderful lady. We chose to go out with them to meet her. I really like her. I hope we become good friends.


A good friend is downsizing and gave me a large bag full of scarves. I am just in heaven!!! A few are not my colours, but most are gorgeous and just perfect! I have wore a different one every day this week!!!


This week is not good. I am sick again. Again. Not sure exactly what is wrong. I either have a cold, or my allergies are bad, or I am sick from my whooping cough vaccination. Or all 3. I am congested, sneezing, coughing. And for the last 3 days my eyes have itched soooo bad. And been very teary. Eye makeup is a joke. Finally the itching stopped and only one eye teared. And just feel exhausted. Then this week has been extra busy also.


Had a hair app’t on monday. Two shades of red and then blonde highlites. Takes all afternoon. But we get lots of chatting done!!!


Tuesday I met my grandson for lunch. So great to see him. He works too many hours and I am too busy. Got to try harder to get together. He is a good guy. Working 2 jobs.


Last evening I had my Smoky Valley Historical Association meeting. I made the board meeting. Skipped the program and skipped Messiah. Just too tired.


Today I met friends at Moka’s for lunch. I really enjoy being there. And they are so nice. Good conversations!! Then off to Abilene for insulin.


I got home. It is 85F outside. Willie left all the windows open. Really does my allergies wonders to have everything that makes me sick blowing in the house. The temp in here was over 80F. I shut windows and turned on the A/C. The he complained when he got home. I let him live. Barely. It is still too hot in here. It got cooler now it is getting warmer in the house. I have had trouble sleeping the last 2 nites. Too warm.



र्षा, बारिश, आज आया. हीट गुंबद दूर जा सकते हैं.

***See my day in photos here.***


ジュリーアン 平和

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