Blogg 23/03/2012 …Rain, Ava, Blackberry, wildflowers

Weather finally turned cool and we had 3 days of rain. It was wonderful! Had just under 2 inches of rain. Not enough but a good start. Today was mostly sunny. Sunday is to be 80F. Not good. Messiah dress rehearsal. Presser Hall will be too warm unless they turn the A/C on. Oh, how I hope!


On wednesday I went to Preston KS near Pratt KS to see my daughter-in-law, Jenn, and my granddaughter Ava. Had such a nice visit. Ava has really changed since I saw her last. She is trying soooo hard to crawl. She gets up on all 4s and rocks and rocks! She is a bundle of energy. Never still for a moment!! When she finally can crawl and/or walk, she will be a whirling dervish! Jenn better get her running shoes on!


Thursday Elly and I had planned to go to Abilene Kansas to eat at the Brookville Hotel, but, alas, they are not open at noon during the week. So we went to the Kirby House instead. It was sold a while back and the owners apparently took all their wonderful recipes with them. Oh, how I long for their quiche, onion soup, and walnut bread. Sigh. But the new owners have a much larger menu. I got a bacon burger and I dare say it was the best burger I have had. And the carrot cake for dessert was to die for!!!

After I took Elly home, I picked up grandson Chris and took him to Salina to Verizon. His Blackberry has bit the dust. Totally dead. We were both going to get new phones but only one of us could. So I let him. He got in iPhone. Very cool. I really like Blackberry so I want the Blackberry Torch 9850. I can get it on June 15. I am counting the days. It was fun to be with Chris again. He is a good guy!!

Today was my Swedish group. We had a brunch with the Scandinavian Association invited to join us. It was potluck. I have been so nervous about this but it went pretty well. Lots of good food. There was some confusion as to when we would eat and when the program would be. Some were just not pleased. But it went well. Alf and Maud Brorson were the speakers. They are from Torsby Sweden. He comes to Lindsborg often. Maud is the artist in residence at the Red Barn Studio this month. Interesting couple!! I cannot thank Mary, Liz, Linda, and Kally enough for being such big helps. I could have done it alone.

With the sun out today, my wildflowers in my driveway are blooming. They are called Carolina Anemones. I love them! Only here for around 2 weeks. I take all the photos I can of them.




र्षा, बारिश, आज आया. हीट गुंबद दूर जा सकते हैं.

***See my day in photos here.***


ジュリーアン 平和

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