Blogg 15/04/2012 art auction, tornadoes…

Weather has been beyond awful. Strong winds when it was not severe weather. But more about the weather later. That is a story in itself.


Last friday was my Swedish group. We met at the library. We were a small but nice group. Just fun to sit and chat. I enjoy these times the best.


For lunch I went to Bethany Home and ate with Lan. A special time. He is very special in my life. Fun to eat and visit. The Home served fried chicken. It was very good. And the cake for dessert was awesome!


Friday late afternoon I worked at a members only open house for the Red Barn Studio. We were lucky enough to be in charge of the auction of 39 awesome pieces of art from a sweet local lady. She was my teacher in school and passed away last year. We had a table of delicious finger food and we also served wines and coffee. Had a wonderful sweet red wine. My new fave!


Saturday starting at noon I worked at the art auction. Doors opened then and the auction itself started at 2pm. I was lucky enough to work at signing the bidders up and giving them their numbers. Fun way to meet everyone and to renew a friendship or two. We had 60 bidders plus phone bidders. After the auction, Sandra and I took all the buyer’s money and sent them to pick up their art. The cheapest piece of art went for around $100. The most expensive piece went for $50,000. Took my breath away. Most bidders bought one or two pieces, but one bought 6 pieces. He got a very nice selection. A very fun saturday!!! The son of the owner gets what the art brought minus 25%, which is our cut.


After the art auction, things went rapidly downhill. The weathermen had been warning us about a major, major severe storm for saturday. They are wrong so often we tend to not listen. But before I went to the auction, I packed up my computer, Nook Color, medications, food, chargers for everything, dvd’s of all my photos, etc. It all went out to our storm shelter. I had only been home around 30 minutes when our storm alarm went off. A severe storm was nearing our farm —- high winds, large hail. Out I went. Willie came home around then. We had a radio on and kept track on the storm. It turned into a tornado. We could not see the tornado, but our nephew across the field watched it. We have too many trees. It did get bad enough at our farm we had to shut and bar the door. We repeated this a total of 3 times. A horrific series of storms. And a horrific tornado hit Wichita later. Two people we knew around Marquette lost their entire farms —– out buildings, houses, equipment, etc. A third family we know lost all out buildings and equipment with some damage to one side of their home. Willie was there all day today helping clean his farm up. Video below is the first tornado.



I was beyond tense. Terrified. But one thing that really helped was friends and some family on FaceBook. There were dozens of messages of how things were, if we were ok, how others were. The first message to me was a friend about 3 hours away who was looking for my phone number to tell me to run for cover. A storm chaser friend of his sent him a photo of the tornado near Lindsborg. We also had many phone calls checking on us, offering us to come to their basement, words of support. My cousin from Denver and I chatted off and on. Her daughter lives in Wichita. We supported each other. I sometimes feel that I have no one in my life and that no one cares. I have to remember this nite and know that I am not alone completely. I need to focus on the friends and family who are part of my life and forget the family and friend who choose not to be.


The tornado in Wichita was rated an EF3 but the one near Ellsworth was an EF4. That means the winds were around 200 mph. It amazes me how many people do not believe in global warming. It is much more than just warmer temps. It is the increase of unusually severe weather. You can bury your head in the sand and say that all the experts are wrong, but that does not change the truth. It will soon be too late to change things. It is scary.


The oddest thing with this nite of storms was there were at least 2 tornadoes near Lindsborg. The warning sirens never sounded once. Odd. And dangerous. Wonder what was going on.


Today I worked at the Red Barn again. No visitors. No phone calls. I just sat at my computer and worked on a database I am editing. Sort of a boring day. Marsha had facts and figures about the auction. We pretty much met our goal of what we wanted to make. That is great. Nice it was a success. I sometimes feel like I am not really a part of the studio. I am usually alone on saturdays. I am rarely told what is going on and taking place. But at the auction, I felt like I belonged. Won’t last of course, but nice for now.



र्षा, बारिश, आज आया. हीट गुंबद दूर जा सकते हैं.

***See my day in photos here.***


ジュリーアン 平和

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4 thoughts on “Blogg 15/04/2012 art auction, tornadoes…

    • It was a frightening nite. And more to come I am sure.

      It amazes me that people who are uneducated or not educated in the environment think they know more than the experts in the field. And I have 2 uncles who think global warming is great. They can play more golf. (face palm)

  1. I was following this on CNN, and as soon as I heard Salina, I jumped! Then I started looking even more attentively and wrote that little FB msg.

    It’s so unimaginable, when you’ve never even been close to one, and I hope it will stay that way.

    Somewhere else, I heard that the first tornado had destroyed the warning siren or whatever..

    • That could be. The weather service in Wichita had to abandon their office and run for cover. Very scary nite. But thank God for FB and texting. My friends and family took my mind off it all while we were in the shelter. And both my phone and Willie’s phone kept ringing. Long nite. But others had it worse. Luckily no one died.

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