Blogg 01/05/2012 Första maj–First of May…

Weather warmed up to the 80s today. Ick. And pretty windy. I am so dreading summer. I feel so bad when it is hot and humid. Sigh….


Met Sally for lunch today in Lindsborg at Jalisco’s. Had a nice visit. Mulled over some local gossip, shared some sort of bad news, and then we decided that ‘It is what it is’. That is my mantra for this year. It is what it is. I cannot change things in my life. Maybe for the worse but for the better —- doubtful. There are moments of good but they do not last. Ever. It is what it is.


Found a box of old photos last week. I finally got them sorted. Fun to see some of the old buildings in Falun and some of the wonderful people who lived there. And some who still do. But looking at those photos were also bittersweet. Happy faces, innocent family and friends. But now, years later, I know ‘the rest of the story’. In those sweet, innocent faces are a victim of suicide, a murder victim, several horrible diseases, some broken lives. Sad to know. Some are close to me, some far removed. I think about the hopes and dreams that I had when I a few of these people came into my life. And how sadly wrong I was. If I had known the truth then, maybe I would not have been so surprised. I have had fun sharing some of the photos on my Falun group on FaceBook. Trying to figure who everyone is.

After lunch I had acupuncture in McPherson. It went well. I am generally feeling some better but not when I stand. How the hell can I go to Sweden in 2013 if I am in pain when standing? Sucks.


I stopped at my cousin Charlotte’s yard to photograph her flowers. And a few honey bees and butterflies. Nice end to the day.



र्षा, बारिश, आज आया. हीट गुंबद दूर जा सकते हैं.

***See my day in photos here.***



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2 thoughts on “Blogg 01/05/2012 Första maj–First of May…

  1. It’s great to look through old photos like that … brings up so many memories. I’ve been doing that a lot myself, lately, thanks to that FB group.
    Sometimes I think, when looking at cute little babies «wonder what will become of it?!» And when you watch these terrible crime shows, and see some serial killer … to think that once he was also a cute little baby. Eeeeekkk…

    Travelling while in pain wouldn’t be good. These last few days, I’ve had a gawdawful, pain in my left shoulder. It’s annoying beyond words. Yesterday, I bought a bottle of Aleve .. have taken two, so far. It’s morning now, the pain is still there but I think Aleve might have dulled it a little bit …it was very sharp.

    • Sorry about your shoulder. Hope it improves. My back is ok sitting, etc. but standing not so good. I take Aleve and Advil both.

      I love old photos. I have another box somewhere. Have to look for it.

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