Blogg 26/05/2012 Hot days…

Weather has been awful. High high winds and hot temps. Today in Salina it hit 100F.

Willie and our hired man have worked on our combines all week. It did not go well. Cut our first load of wheat late this afternoon. I guess our helper is NOT taking a vacation this year to help us. He will be around on his days off but that is it. My stress level just took a giant leap. I am sure his stress is much worse but he won’t talk about it. I have tried. We used to be a family farm but no longer. It is just him and me. No one to help, no one for backup. It drives me nuts. And as we get older, it is a big worry. But we will do what we can and have learned to survive without asking or expecting help.

Family reunion tomorrow. Wish I could skip it but since I am the president, I must be there. The cousin I like to sit with has decided not to attend and now my brother is not going. My son, husband or any other one close to me all refuse to go. But there will be great family from far away and lots of good food. Be glad when it is over.

Really should not be blogging when I am not feeling good. I will end with some photos from the past week.

र्षा, बारिश, आज आया. हीट गुंबद दूर जा सकते हैं.

Tills du går i mina skor, dömer inte mig eller mina känslor.



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4 thoughts on “Blogg 26/05/2012 Hot days…

    • Thanks! The reunion went well but such a small group. There were lots of people out of town. Hopefully better next year.

  1. Wonderful photos … especially the wheat!

    Nowadays, I can’t blog when I’m not feeling good. Those times, I want to really write freely, and I don’t feel that I can do that in my blog.

    • I have to watch what I write when things are bad. But my daily journal catches the brunt of it!!!

      I love zooming in on the wheat. Camera has a ‘blur background’ setting. Some are cleat and sharp but all the background is blurry. Love it.

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