Blogg 21/06/2012 Pleasant day…

Weather was great today!!! We actually got 1” of rain last nite. A bunch of small storms all bunched together. I went to bed with thunder, lightning, and rain. Today it never got to 90F. The next 10 days are hot and dry. Hope that changes.

I took Elly to Applebee’s for a birthday dinner for her. Good food and better visit. While we were eating a large number of families came in and they all had service dogs with them. The dogs are trained in Concordia KS. The kids are supposed to 13 yrs. old to get a dog but the little boy who sat near us in only 10 yrs. old. Got an order from his doctor. Most of the dogs were labs but two were similar to St. Bernards. They were gorgeous. The little boy next to us had a Border Collie. For more info about the dogs, read here.


After lunch I did some shopping at Target. They used to have decent clothing but they do not even have a simple pair of black slacks. Why even look there? They have thousands of outfits for teens but not much else.

I went to Marquette to deliver a new phone to Chris. He was jogging and his phone flew out of his pocket. The whole phone was full of cracks. The slide show above is photos I took there today. And they are all taken with my new iPhone 4S. Takes awesome photos. Even HDR photos. Cool!

र्षा, बारिश, आज आया. हीट गुंबद दूर जा सकते हैं.

Tills du går i mina skor, dömer inte mig eller mina känslor.



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