Blogg 5/07/2012 Heat and more…

Weather continues really bad. Everyday is over 100F. And no rain. There is rain in other nearby states but none here. Like Kansas has a wall around it.


Have not blogged in a while. Had a very upsetting event happen last week. Totally through me for a loop. Totally unexpected. I have just sort of withdrawn. No wants to hear me whine and most don’t care. Will blogg when I feel better. Today, just sharing some photos. 

Tills du går i mina skor, dömer inte mig eller mina känslor.

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6 thoughts on “Blogg 5/07/2012 Heat and more…

    • A friend had a map she posted on FaceBook the other day. There was literally rain forecast every where but Kansas. Kansas was in a big hole. Luckily our wheat was much better than we thought but friends in the far west had not so much luck.

      • We’ve had numerous threats of storms and rain in our area of the state, but none of them have manifested. The few times it has rained, there was barely enough water to disturb the dust on our cars.

      • A few weeks ago we had 3″ but since then nothing. We need a week of a soaking rain. Would be heaven.

  1. I’m sorry to hear that. Hope things will be looking up very soon. I haven’t been blogging much either, but that’s because it feels like my brain is melting and I can’t think.
    Loved the photos …. some beautiful clouds there..

    • Just part of life. I will survive. I did before and I will this time. I just can’t seem to be motivated to blogg. I take lots of photos so I should at least share those. Maybe if it was not 103F every day I would feel better!!! Krmais!

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